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Environmental Policy

The Main Principles of our Environmental Policy are centered on; Sustainability, Services, Standards, Health and Safety. The Group Environmental policy is used by all the companies within the group but tailored and modified to suit each individual company’s activities. The main points are;


To ensure the principles of sustainable development are embraced within the organization as well as with our clients and customers by promoting sustainable activities and practices, communicating and promoting these goals and best practices.

Odun Group would continue to provide services applying the principles of “Best Available Technique/Technology Not Entailing Excessive Costs-BATNEEC” or “Best Practicable Environmental Option” as appropriate.

Odun Group would continue to support the conservation of raw materials especially non-renewable resources by reducing waste, energy, pollution, use of toxic chemicals and advising clients on same.

We will preserve nature, protect ecological habitats, wetlands and support conservation schemes. Minimize the use of all materials, supplies, and energy and wherever possible ensure that the exploitation of nature and natural resources, which could cause significant damage to the ecological balance be avoided.


Odun Group will convey clear ethical and philosophical bases of environmental protection, clear priorities, objectives and constraints on all projects or consultancy services, consider the environment from the outset and identify issues to be analysed.

Odun Group will maintain a ‘Cradle to Grave’ approach when conducting environmental assessments and would assess all new projects and business and integrate environmental factors prior to beginning, in order to ensure that any perceived environmental effects are considered at the earliest possible stage in decision making.

Odun Group will assist other organizations, clients and contractors to understand the environmental implications of their activities or proposed activities and advice on the adoption of technologies which could lead to company growth and development but which would also reduce the company’s environmental impacts.

We would require all our clients, customers and business partners to maintain high environmental standards including our contractors, suppliers, consultants and workers, and continue to insist and ensure they improve their environmental performance to at least the minimum required by law.

We would also ensure that waste produced in the office and on site is kept at a minimum and where possible render any unavoidable waste harmless and disposed of in a manner which is acceptable and has the least environmental impact.


Odun Group will continue to operate and work with organizations that operate as a minimum, to the relevant laws, regulation, legislation and appropriate codes of practice and exceed them where possible.

Odun Group will also make every effort to adapt the highest environmental standards with all its clients and customers. We would access the environmental impact of all our operations and procedures on a continuous basis via environmental reviews and audits.

We would continuously raise environmental awareness amongst our staff and provide training so that their environmental responsibilities are adequately and effectively carried out, and maintain procedures to recognize opportunities that make a difference through the goods and services we choose.

Health and Safety:

Odun Group shall through its Health and Safety Policy ensure a systematic approach is taken to ensure the safety of all employees, contractors, clients, visitors and members of the public.

Odun Group shall continue to ensure that good-working conditions for all staff at any site is not compromised.

A full understanding of health and safety issues will be communicated to all staff members regularly. Safety procedures must be followed at all occasions within the premises as well as on sites or when on assignments.

A policy statement will be produced and readily available to all members of staff. This statement will convey the main goals of the health and safety policy of the organization and will be communicated through all levels within the organization and to contractors on site.

A copy of this ‘policy statement’ would be made readily available to visitors, clients and any concerned member of the public.

Working conditions and practices are continually monitored to ensure the highest possible safety standards are met. Accidents and incidents should always be recorded and proper actions taken and recorded.

Our Mission

To be a strategic partner for the growth and development of the African continent by building relationships on integrity while focusing on customers needs and providing tailored solutions that enhance their value and provide comfort.