Only male can become Eldritch King as female often become Eldritch Empress who is equal to Eldritch King in rank. He is definitely not above vulgarities, and will speak the worst things to break someone down. Model Knight 157 views. Cecil's Station Management, who never leave their office until Cecil encourages the listeners to write in to support his continued employment (and possibly continued existence). Thanks to the nature of this trope, potential Real Life examples are very vague and questionable at best. If it's truely a faithful alien however, it shouldn't even be "evil" in the typical sense. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. The master, the horrific Chaos-master. He is the archenemy of the Losers Club, Bill Denbrough in particular. Edit source History Talk (0) Share. Old Menacing gods , Malevolent ancients , slumbering horrors , fiends from behind the veil and monsters from the beyond. The Ninth Seal 10. "Here, on the horizon, was everything Gideon did not know.". Eldritch Abomination: Pennywise, from IT, along with others, including the alien children from Under the Dome. Works which have used it as a tag: Single eldritch abomination … Marcos Beran - Winter Maze 2,400 4. Wiz: The nature of beings beyond our dimension is often near-inconceivable from just how alien and otherworldly they can appear. Any outside interference with the deadlights weakens It. Mountains of Madness 4. These are essentially swarms of human brains with batwings that, ironically enough, mindlessly attack anything in their path. 4:47. Users have a connection with any/all eldritch sources. History Talk (4) This category consists of beings whose raison d'être and/or appearance, the human mind cannot even begin to comprehend. Random encounterNo knowledge/no preparationIn characterDistance - 50 metreRestrictions : No senbozakura or reitsu crush for As NodtRound 1 : Base As N 10. It - Pennywise kills the Nostalgia Critic. Although his sense of humor can be very corny, his consistency is what usually aggravates his victims. 1. Drawception. Meet Shuma-Gorath , one of many Eldritch Abominations from the Marvel Universe. But he can become sarcastic, and also a real bully to those who try to show courage. Marcos Beran - 80s Island 3,477 3. Add photo 1 Description 2 Introduction 3 Pennywise 4 Flowey 5 Interlude 6 The Battle 7 Outcome 8 Next Time 9 Trivia IT vs. Undertale. Nemesis comes from another dimension, a dimension beyond our imagination. They don't just use the mind shattering nature of their existence. Akin to Tren Krom, they are actually naturally occurring in the Matoran world, but they are still unspeakably ancient and strange. Betrayal of House on the Hill 3. Tweek00. Pennywise does not appear to be a species, but what the heck, I'll do it anyway. Pennywise in IT is being as an avatar yeah, we know he's from the Deadlights in the same way the Turtle is and his equal/rival (although Pennywise claims to be superior which is clearly not true). Eldritch Dragon Physiology; Outsider Dragon Physiology; Capabilities. Pennywise is about five feet, ten inches, with white clown makeup, a … Pennywise thinks he is far more superior to humans, and really has no regard for any living creature. It was portrayed to be a shapeshifting and malevolent entity millions (possibly billions) of years old, and with no exact gender or solid identity; thus why it is called "IT". A huge spider-like beast is about the closest form It can manifest into. Edit. Subtrope of Our Monsters Are Different and Our Monsters Are Weird. End Credits (Tribute to NEO) 13. The Energized Protodermis Entity was through excessive backstory rewrites and extensions turned from a one shot bad guy made of, If Unicron counts, then so does Primus aka, To elaborate, unlike in the mythos, most Outer Gods are sealed in compact universes inside the Shining Trapezohedron. The creature was disturbed during maintenance work on one of the other rides in Forbidden Valley. Marcos Beran - Space Raiders Maze 2,897 5. Regardless of the race they were originally, the brand or curse they obtained causes them to lose their original form and become hideous beasts. See God of Evil, Demon Lords and Archdevils, The Legions of Hell, and The Fair Folk for supernatural horrors that are knowingly malevolent rather than simply alien and amoral. Eldritch Abominations. The power to use the abilities of a eldritch abomination. Pennywise loves to taunt and bully people. TOP TEN ELDRITCH ABOMINATIONS - TALES OF TERROR #233 - Duration: 4:47. Therefore, It has taken a liking to the form of Pennywise the dancing clown. Applications. Dimensional variation of Eldritch Physiology. History Talk (4) This category consists of beings whose raison d'être and/or appearance, the human mind cannot even begin to comprehend. Armityle from Yu-Gi-Oh!. Unfortunately, the sheer arrogance of looking down on others for being different, She also turns Yoh into one of these as her. The book's true form is taken into consideration here. The Inconceivable. It (also commonly known as Pennywise) is an ancient alien/eldritch monster and the title character and main antagonist of Stephen King's best selling and award winning 1986 novel of the same name (and subsequent television It (Mini series) and two duology film adaptations (IT (film) and IT: Chapter Two). How to use eldritch in a sentence. Measures over 6 x 6 (across and deep) and 2 tall. 1 Also Called 2 Capabilities 3 Associations 4 Limitations 5 Known Users 6 Known Items 7 Known Locations 8 Gallery Eldritch Conversion Lovecraftian Conversion/Transformation User can permanently transform other beings into an eldritch abomination, typically the kind they are. Variation of Cosmic Entity Physiology. His goofy side is much less intimidating than when he decides to get serious. Werbefrei streamen oder als CD und MP3 kaufen bei 12. Their innocent appearances hide the child-killing exradimensional monster within. It even has the. 287 Views. However, I'm far more complicated than that. The relationship between Bill and Beverly is one of the most powerful found in Stephen King's IT, but the movies leave out a major book moment.As much as IT is indeed about a battle with a shape-shifting Eldritch Abomination that spends most of its time in the form of a sinister clown named Pennywise, it's also just as concerned with the friendship between the Losers' Club. Cold Ham: Pennywise is just as hammy as his opponent, but rarely raises his voice outside of the moments where he really ramps it up. Eldritch Abomination: Its true form is actually a "spider" or at least the closest thing the human mind can comprehend. User with this ability either is or can transform into an eldritch abomination, a being whose very existence defies the rules of nature and/or existence and is defined by its disregard for the natural laws of the universe as we understand them. Deadlights shining out from Pennywise's damaged head. DARK LORD (ELDRITCH ABOMINATION) RATING: Eldritch abominations that can create more eldritch abominations from the dead. While some are out of order, the shorts are still well made and feature 8-bit artwork. Thanos is a fearless, ruthless, cunning, Machiavellian nihilist. When regular humans look like (or legitimately are) Eldritch Abominations to other species, that's Humans Are Cthulhu. Although dults are slightly harder to scare, Pennywise can instantaneously resort to his true violent nature, and with that, even the way he speaks is brutal. Thanos would absolutely decimate Pennywise. It first woke up to feast on them in the early 18th century, and from then on developed a cycle of hibernating and awaking approximately every thirty years to feed, typically on children. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. As they are defined by existing outside reality as we conceive it, most also come from somewhere beyond the stars or before the dawn of time or outside our universe. - Page 3. Entdecken Sie Death [Explicit] von Eldritch Abomination bei Amazon Music. It's natural form is unable to be comprehended by any physical realm. For specific storylines involving Eldritch Abominations, see the Did You Just Index Cthulhu? Eldritch may also refer to: Arts, entertainment, and media Games. Resuming predation on Derry, and despite the disregard for seemingly harmless children, It then faced the greatest challenge of all after killing a little boy whose brother was subsequently troubled with haunted memories of. However, there’s only one choice for top spot and inclusion in my top ten villains of fantasy – that smug shapeshifting clown-faced nightmare-born son-of-a-bitch eldritch abomination Pennywise Itself, the eponymous entity in Stephen King’s It. Hints & Tips. Therefore, It has taken a liking to the form of Pennywise the dancing clown. Annona, which has been described as a small, star-like thing with tentacles and a room-chilling aura. IT is an Eldritch Abomination that exists in a plane outside of our own. Edit. This tag belongs to the Additional Tags Category. Edit. Pennywise and nylarthotep are mine because they are very hands on. Pennywise is an ant ShadowDaWolf. He drives off five of the Nazgul (including the Lord of the Nazgul) from Weathertop – something we only see out of the corner of Frodo’s eye in the book but see directly in the cinematic version (where he does it with just a burning brand of wood). page. Omnipotent abominations can’t help what they are, they’ve been around longer than human history, they don’t know any better. Some of which can be defeated by mortals, usually via a special weapon specifically meant to kill them, some of which are more powerful than gods, but are often still able to be defeated. There is a direct reference to Lovecraftian mythos in the short story Crouch End. So No Real Life Examples, Please! In contemporary culture, the term is closely associated with the works of H. P. Lovecraft. He can summon dozens of them at one time, and even choose who they are perceivable to. It arrived on Earth during a cataclysmic event almost a billion years ago. In order to become an Eldritch King, one must gain the title from the first Eldritch King Puraimaasu. He is able to become an irremovable trauma in the memories of those who encounter him. Dark Lords of Westeros, as soon as someone leaves a door open in the Wall… (9) PENNYWISE . Henceforth, his name would forever be "The Fallen". The Agtah on the astral plane of Daziarn boast twisted misshappen forms. The titular monster in IT's default form is Pennywise the Dancing Clown, but he had to get that identity from somewhere, probably a real person. : Due to the Joker's opponent being an Eldritch Abomination, his whole rap comes across as this. They always appear in the presence of even greater evils, such as, The Akraa'Neonor summoned by Vonotar in Book 3. Eldritch Abomination by Panic Scenery, released 09 November 2020 1. Maggots featuring human limbs, eyes, and mouths, theirs is an unsettling, viscerally repulsive appearance. In terms of putting the avatar of IT aka Pennywise against Palpatine, he's going to lose hard. Apparently, Pennywise is an eldritch multiverse interdimentional ancient god with 'psy' powers who supposedly is pure energy and able to destroy/consume worlds. A metaphysical essence is contained within It, existing as dangerous, agonizing orange lights. If an Eldritch Abomination exists in a story where the primary antagonist is of a more human scale, it's probably the Bigger Bad. He also has white gloves and dark brown clown shoes. Achieving and being able to do things they'll be able to do like borrow their power, manipulating, creating, destroying, understanding, or even transforming into eldritch abominations. The deadlights shining from It's spider form. It often shapeshifts into a person's greatest physical fear, paralyzing them with terror, a rather effective hunting method. Gleichwohl sind die Regeln für jeden, der jemals "Arkham Horror" gespielt hat, in fünf Minuten erlernbar, denn das Spiel ist im Prinzip das Gleiche, nämlich eine Abfolge von Proben auf bestimmte Eigenschaften. The user thus transcends three-dimensional space, with all of the benefits gained from that. The Eldritch Abomination is a type of creature defined by its disregard for the natural laws of the universe as we understand them. This thread is archived. More candidates for being Eldritch Abominations are: God of Evil, The Old Gods, Paradox Person, and Starfish Aliens. Do not confuse this with Complete Monster, which is more about evil than (physical) monstrousness, especially since a Complete Monster isn't necessarily a literal monster. TalesofTim 6,126 views. Whether he likes it or not. It has a telepathic sense of identifying any person and what they are afraid of, and uses that information to It's advantage. The power to use the abilities of a eldritch abomination. Boomstick: So IT's an eldritch abomination that decides to simply eat children? Often when talking about Stephen King's IT, people will use the name Pennywise when talking about the monster, and while that's understandable, it's not really accurate. They like playing with their food. It is possible that it awoke for the first time when European settlers first colonized the area, but it could’ve feasted on Native Americans before that. While It was as much of an Eldritch Abomination in the books, its traits are exaggerated and more overtly demonstrated in the 2017 adaptation. And, of course, there's a couple hints that our narrator. A chance meeting on a rainy October night seals her fate unbeknownst to her and after 27 years Clara's first childhood friend, none other than a dancing clown, awakens from a final slumber with intentions to make his 'Claire Bear' his Queen and break the curse that condemns him to slumber and awaken. They are grotesque mockeries of reality beyond comprehension whose disturbing otherness cannot be encompassed in any mortal tongue. InsideTheBox Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Empty threats from It are best left assumed truthful, as they can more or less become reality should It feel the need to fulfill them. Pennywise crawling like a dog deliberateOxymoron. Most memorably the Glow Cloud: a giant flashing cloud whose colors change depending on viewer, that rains animal carcasses down on the town and possesses Night Vale citizens. Everyone Calls Him "Barkeep": Whether or not IT even has a true name is unknown but most people simply refer to IT as, well, IT. Category page. Forsaken Lore 2. Where It came from was an obscure void, as far as the dimmest stars. … Despite what you may know about me, however little that may be, I assure you, there is far more to me than what meets the eye. Those periods of time, around one or two years, were distinctly marked with inhumane violence, gruesome murders, and numerous disappearances, most of them directly connected to It's hunting. He is purposely obnoxious towards those he torments, his goal being to instill fear, misery, and to never allow a moment of peace, so that others may know that his true place in the universe is way above theirs. In the novel it states that it … User with this ability either is or can transform into an eldritch abomination, a being whose very existence defies the rules of nature and/or existence and is defined by its disregard for the natural laws of the universe as we understand them. He will not hesitate to let someone know that he is not just some kiddy entertainer. Prolonged exposure to below pictures may cause mild Sanity Slippage. The seven kids of the Losers Club who managed to defeat Pennywise, an eldritch abomination in the form of a truly horrifying clown, back in 1989, are … Native to the Cosmic Horror Story genre popularized by H. P. Lovecraft, the Eldritch Abomination has become a mainstay of horror and fantasy works, along with numerous others that derive inspiration from Lovecraft. Sub-Trope of Brown Note Being, since eldritch or abomination doesn't describe every creature which causes a Brown Note, nor does every Eldritch Abomination cause one (though it is common for them). Variation to Conversion. An Eldritch Location is not necessarily an Eldritch Abomination that takes the form of a Genius Loci, but it can be. They are grotesque mockeries of reality beyond comprehension whose disturbing otherness cannot be encompassed in any mortal tongue. ViolaTheFox. It is rare for a an Eldritch Abomination to be Pure Evil as they are usually amoral entities that are completely alien and don't operate under normal rules. It (sometimes capitalized as IT), also more commonly known as Pennywise, the Dancing Clown, is the titular main antagonist of Stephen King's 1986 coming-of-age horror novel It, as well as its 1990 TV miniseries adaptation and the remastered 2017-2019 film duology of the same name. who for all his weirdness appears to be a good guy, caused havoc, ripping up trees and buildings, sending them hurtling skyward. ; Crowbar Combatant: Joker's seen wielding a crowbar in the background of one scene, in reference to how he killed Jason Todd. It is a disc of shimmering, living darkness, crossed with ribbons of blue, red, green, and gold. A huge spider-like beast is about the closest form It can manifest into. Reality itself warps around them. Eldritch Horrors. An encounter with the determined kids in the sewers left It severely wounded, and thus sought escape, only to plunge into a dark damp entanglement of cords. Eldritch King is the title reserved for the most revered of Eldritch Abomination. Nastya Pesik. They can range from humanoid to animalistic to physically impossible to inconceivably bizarre. He can appear just about anywhere he pleases, even emerging from two-dimensional objects like photos. The term "Lovecraftian Horrors", also known as Eldritch Abominations or Cosmic Horrors, also applies to villains who were originally humans but eventually transform into otherworldly entities beyond rationalization, too alien from "normal" flesh-and-blood beings to be described properly, and most often madness-inducing. Eldritch is an English word used to describe something otherworldly, weird, ghostly, or uncanny. I wonder if anyone has a personal favorite. The concept is used alot. Wiz: Purely sadistic, remember? I haven't watched the 2017 film yet, but It is pretty much a cthulu-level eldritch abomination which true form exists in a different dimension, and those kids were only able to win out in the end with some serious guidance and divine intervention. He doesn’t actually rack up any eldritch abomination body count (my favorite heroic criteria), but still faces up impressively to them. The balloons usually hold blood, maggots, or roaches. The Eldritch Abomination is a type of creature defined by its disregard for the natural laws of the universe as we understand them. The power to turn people into an eldritch abomination. A mainstay of Howard Phillips Lovecraft's works (where the term arguably originated), these entities conform to no rules, patterns or laws as the human race recognises them. The Other. This beauty from Homestuck. 9. If the film doesn't stay too far from that canon, Pennywise … Variation of Dimensional Entity Physiology. Variation of Dimensional Entity Physiology. He can do cartwheels, acrobatic flips, and even squeeze his body to fit into the narrowest spaces, including drainpipes. For PlayStation 4 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Pennywise vs The Joker [Who would win and why?]" Look at this poor bastard! Action Link; Alien Mind Eldritch definition is - strange or unnatural especially in a way that inspires fear : weird, eerie. and we see a Thirteenth Plane descend. He only fears one thing, the rejection of the one entity that he loves, Death, or the Marvel embodiment of Death. Pennywise is about five feet, ten inches, with white clown makeup, a red clown nose, red lips, and wild red hair. An angry clown is a terrifying clown. 14 Favourites. Long arms that extend out radially, as well as thousands of tube feet that propel it forward (see starfish movement). On the surface, Pennywise is goofy, inviting, and friendly with children, all for the sole purpose of luring them in to feast on. 11. They are grotesque mockeries of reality beyond comprehension whose disturbing otherness cannot be encompassed in any mortal tongue. The power to use the abilities of higher-dimensional abominations. His arrival is often distinctly marked with the sound of giggling children. If well dressed eldritch abominations that haven’t quite figured out what human teeth are supposed to look like make you happy, please consider supporting me with a kofi! Its appearance is that of a vaguely humanoid giant composed of the many parts of various animals... which keeps moving and changing shape unceasingly. Boomstick: Oh right. With the planet barren, It lay dormant, underground, in what would become Derry, Maine. Clara Stellan was 3 in 1989 when the Losers were all killed by Pennywise. The creature, angry at being discovered, The web serial "The Kingdom" takes place in a parallel universe where, because of. Comments. If its book version the eldritch abomination gets a tiny snack. Signs of Carcosa 7. SOMEBODY FEED HIM! Music in the background is from games such as. I didn’t anticipate it to end up being a fully painted portrait, but here it is! It quietly anticipated the advent of humans. They can float against the wind, come up through pipelines, and can pop at will. share . This one is more ambiguous, since the Man in the Tan Jacket, Librarians, as hinted in several episodes and detailed in. Thanos is a fearless, ruthless, cunning, Machiavellian nihilist. When it comes to villains, it definitely wouldn’t be a fantasy top ten list without the King – Stephen King. Pennywise is clearly inhuman from the get go, while in the books it … Eldritch Abomination. He wears a baggy clown suit, primarily yellow but also with colorful stripes, three orange pom poms, and purple-and-white frills. Cthulhu, the great old one; Kozilek, Emrakul, and Ulamog from Magic: The Gathering. "Eldritch Horror" dagegen nimmt mindestens die Hälfte der Regeln von "Arkham Horror" und wirft sie dorthin, wohin sie gehören: in die Rundablage. The Eldritch Abomination is a type of creature defined by its disregard for the natural laws of the universe as we understand them. ... Pennywise feeds off of fear and was defeated by a group of kids because they didn't fear him and banded together. Physically, the Eldritch Abomination is only defined by seeming somehow “off”, hinting at their incomprehensible nature. He can start with light, stereotypical clown banter, but that can quickly escalate to unapologetic menace. The power of these beings can greatly vary. See God of Evil, Demon Lords and Archdevils, The Legions of Hell, and The Fair Folk for supernatural horrors that are knowingly malevolent rather than simply alien and amoral. User with this ability either is or can transform into a higher-dimensional abomination. 82 comments. Eldritch Abominations are Villains that can not be comprehended or defined by human logic. 99% Upvoted. Eldritch Abomination Pennywise. Beneath the ground at Alton Towers, something strange and horrible lurked: a creature put on the Earth 2 million years ago. alter the fundamental nature of reality in their vicinity, thought processes that are completely incomprehensible, annihilated the previous holder for disturbing its sleep, he was nothing more than a normal nameless man, horribly tortured by his fellow villagers, to be the scapegoat for all the world's evil, he wishes for something to take his place, made of every evil mankind ever has, ever will, and ever, billions of destructive light across all of history, encircled at intervals by glowing red eyes, These Are Things Man Was Not Meant to Know, One of the creepier recurring enemies in the series is the Crypt Spawn. Variation of Cosmic Entity Physiology. It is larger than all the other Planes combined, and as it lowers slowly bright white eyes begin to open all along the underside of this Plane — millions of them, burning with malice and hunger, all of them focused inward and down, back down, all the way down to the Bureau of Balance headquarters. In the Third Holy Grail War, the Einzberns tried to summon an extra Servant in addition to seven, and got the Avenger class. Pennywise calls this his deadlights. Strange Remnants 5. By TriassicLane Watch. M, the protagonist's cryptic guide, benefactor, and possible love interest, is later revealed to be Nyarlathotep. It's natural form is unable to be comprehended by any physical realm. He would, again, probably look very similar to pennywise's true form. Category page. He’s starving! Any rules that they do follow are beyond our understanding, as are what motives they might have for any of their actions. He only fears one thing, the rejection of the one entity that he loves, Death, or the Marvel embodiment of Death. The first Rahi were tentacled monstrosities and other madness-inducing sea beasts. The Unknown Abomination resided in the cavern of a mountain in the Swamp of Mists in Atlantis during the Thurian Age. Top 5 Scariest Lovecraftian Stories - Duration: 7:37. Parent tags (more general): IT - Stephen King; This tag has not been marked common and can't be filtered on (yet). Dimensional variation ofEldritch Physiology. Finished painting this sketch of the drooly Eldritch-Abomination. 100 Eldritch Horrors ... Gzgeth, The Wandering Maw – This bulbous abomination closely resembles a starfish, but house sized (but technically never stops growing). The monster must break the established internal logic of the work, possibly causing Go Mad from the Revelation. It is an eldritch abomination that has existed on Earth for millions of years. Look at him, practically wasting away in front of our eyes! You probably know me to be an unpredictable, animalistic Eldritch Abomination that comes crawling out of the darkest pits of your worst nightmares – you are correct. He will occasionally bare his sharp teeth, demonic yellow eyes, and long reptilian claws to demonstrate his more savage qualities. This phobia comes from It's eternal enemy Maturin, an ancient deity representing creation in the form of a turtle, while It represents consumption. They become monstrosities with symbolism based off their anxieties. That moment when you try to escape an Eldritch Abomination - Duration: 0:49. Also, ironically, It has chelonaphobia, a fear of turtles. It is very vulnerable when It is transforming. Draw an eldritch abomination 12 player public game completed on December 26th, 2017 391 1 3 hrs. They are often used as a Greater-Scope Villain, Outside-Context Problem, Mad God, Evil God or Sealed Evil in a Can. The City Council is distinctly inhuman, and not in the detailed mundane sense like literal five-headed dragon Hiram McDaniels. The original Pennywise was mostly capable of putting on the act of a flashy, friendly clown, however, Bill Skarsgård's interpretation is more feral and obviously monstrous, rarely bothering to even act human. By extension, the Foreigner class Servants - individuals who have a connection to the Outer Gods, tapping into their powers. Trending pages. Hell, in the "good" end, the one who ends up killing her ends up traumatized and having nightmares. The Unknown Abomination is an eldritch abomination from the fictional universe of Marvel by Marvel Comics. These are nothing like normal balloons. Hall of Torment 12. Pennywise often likes to carry around a few colorful balloons to go with the clown persona. Anyone who looks into the deadlights is lucky to experience temporary catatonia, for others can go instantly insane. The entity's clown form is known as Pennywise however. It (sometimes capitalized as IT), more commonly known as Pennywise the Dancing Clown, was the main antagonist of the novel and the film of the same name. By 1957, It went by the name Bob Gray, but was more known as Pennywise. Also on … Humans suffer Brown Note or Go Mad from the Revelation effects just from witnessing their Alien Geometries. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from Regardless of the story behind the curse or condition, few abominations are willing to show the other form they can manifest. It eventually becomes Chairman of the School Board, our protagonist works for one, and is slowly being turned into a, what is either the Mesopotamian goddess Tiamat, or the creature that inspired her legend, who contains the entire Matoran world in his, meaning that his previous role was that of a, the original Makuta of the story, given a name after it was revealed that "Makuta" was the name of his species, sealing Nyarlathotep will simply drive it from your universe for a while, then it will re-emerge with another mask in an alternate universe, War God Demonbane, the hidden, second form of the titular mecha, Elder God Demonbane, the third and final form, The King, once an unstable and betrayed button quail named Nanaki Kazuaki, now a monstrous. And somewhere in that Plane, a smile flashes across someone's face. Image Links for Eldritch Abomination. 8. He comes to regret this when they emerge. However, an Eldritch Abomination who has clear agency and is sufficiently heinous by the standards of the story can qualify as a Complete Monster.